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Lloyds certificates    June 3, 2023
Lloyd's Certificates - Renewed in 2016 Minimize

Lloyd’s Register (LR) compliance and technical consultancy services give clients confidence that products are dependable.

Lloyd’s Register (LR) certificates provide independent third-party assurance that products meet specified requirements. This assurance is the result of independent design review, sampling, testing, and verification. Lloyd’s Register has a long-standing reputation for integrity, impartiality and technical excellence.

Approval from Lloyd’s Register demonstrates that our products conform to recognized industry quality standards, International Conventions and/or the Lloyd’s Register Rules.

SIROPOL 8340Laminating Resin:- Orthophthalic Polyester Base Resin. Aproved in Four variats 8340-P, 8340-TP, 8340-TPB, 8340-TPBW. Pre-accelerated, Thixotropic Waxed Blue525.86 KBDownload
SIROPOL 7440Laminating Resin:- Sprayable , Hand lay-up, Base Resin525.72 KBDownload
SIROPOL 7180Laminating Resin:- Isophthalic-NPG/Vinyl Ester, Base resin, Handlay-up and Sprayable536.69 KBDownload
WATANI-4Laminating Resin:- Hybrid Polyester/Vinyl Ester - Base resin, Handlay-up, Sprayable526.55 KBDownload
SIROPOL 8420Laminating Resin:- Orthophthalic Polyester Base Resin. Also approved in Pre-accelerated variants 8420-P303.16 KBDownload
SIROPOL 8351Laminating Resin:- Orthophthalic Polyester Base Resin. Approved in Two variants 8351-P and 8351-TP Pre-accelerated and Thixotropic525.47 KBDownload
SIROGEL 9030Gelcoat Resin:- Pre-accelerated, Thixotropic, Sprayable , Brushable and Pigmented526.45 KBDownload
SIROGEL 9000-HVGelcoat Resin:- Pre-accelerated, Thixotropic, Sprayable , Brushable and Pigmented526.44 KBDownload
HETRON 922Vinyl Ester Resin:- Laminating Resin, Pre-accelerated and Thixotropic535.71 KBDownload
SIROPOL 3070-MLaminating Resin:- Isophthalic Polyester Resin (Base Resin). Also approved in Pre-accelerated variants 3070-MP533.52 KBDownload
SIROGEL 9130Gelcoat Resin:- Pre-accelerated, Sprayable , Brushable and Pigmented525.97 KBDownload
SIROGEL 9100Gelcoat Resin:- Pre-accelerated, Sprayable , Brushable, Pigmented525.97 KBDownload
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