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Our Commitment to Excellence

Welcome to our Quality Policy section. We take immense pride in our dedication to delivering top-notch quality in everything we do. Here, we detail our unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards, from manufacturing to customer service. Explore how our Quality Policy drives our mission to exceed your expectations.

Our Quality Policy

Saudi Industrial Resins is engaged in the Development, Manufacture, Sale, and Distribution of Specialty Chemicals, and of related materials and services. We are committed to maintaining leadership in our activities by delighting our customers with exceptional Customer Service and Product Quality. Quality and Service, in everything we do, are the central ingredients in this commitment.

Saudi Industrial Resins will:

  • Manufacture and/or supply materials of consistent quality, with performance characteristics matched to our customers’ requirements.
  • Service its customers’ commercial and technical needs in a prompt, dependable and uncomplicated manner.

SIR’s service and product quality will be based upon processes [Business, Manufacturing, and Logistics] that are:

  • Simple and repeatable.

  • Controlled, measured and traceable;

  • Subject to continuous audit, review, and improvement;

  • Cost-effective.

As part of this commitment we will:

  • Identify and meet the training needs of our employees, to ensure that the needs of our customers are met.

  • Distribute this Policy throughout our organisation, to ensure that the commitment to our customers is clear and widely understood.

  • Continuously seek customer-feedback.

SIR will achieve these goals through rigorous adherence to formalised quality management system BS-EN-ISO 9001:2015.

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